Saturday, 28 April 2012

Friends are born, not made...!!

Throughout my life until now..I have a lot of friends....I love them a lot...
During school times...I have five best buddies....They all are tell truth..I don't have boys buddies..because I study in girls schools since primary and secondary school.

They are Amir,Ranusha and also Sharmila..:D
They are Me,Suji,Sagin and also Sharmila..:D
We are being together as buddies since standard 2 until now and forever....
When my school life end,I came to my college life where I met new buddies...
Me & Thach
Yuga,Thach,Shuba & me...
Correne & Me in saree
Renu & Me
Shuba & Me

Nesa,Steph & Vitheya

I hope we and our valuable friendship will Last forever until my last breath...*_*

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