Sunday, 29 April 2012

LeiSure TiMe ActiVity...

I love to do many things during my leisure time....
First in my list is...I love to read
...I am a die-hard fan of books. I have some books at home and hostel...Even I get "Nilam" award in "Program Nilam" during school...:D
                          Some of my books..
Next,I love listen to music...^^...Music really makes me like I'm the person who don't have any problem in life...(That's a plus point of music)...I love to hear to all the love,melody ,sweet songs ,does not matter what language are they come from...but for me the lyrics of the song really matter to me...I love meaningful lyrics without any crap which will destroy the beauty of a song and the lyrics which seem to be written for me only...:D

Lastly, I love to surf Internet especially facebook and youtube.Besides,I like to play chess when I'm free...

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