Sunday, 22 April 2012

My LiFe At Kirkby International College...^ ^

After school life ussual as everybody..I enter college life at Kirkby International College in Cyberjaya on 08/08/2011.
In college,the given class in fact the awesome class to me is A4-SHELLEY....

                                                         SLOW AND STEADY”

               # This is our recent class photo #
-This is my tablemates-
      Kak Syaza,Kak Fiza,Syazz and Me
 My lovely classmates according table...
Fami,Maman,Arep(Class Rep),Syu,Nilan and Kak Sha.

Coreen(Vice class rep),Jingle,Atin,Nicole and Jun.

Syaf,Liyana,Zura,Steph and Ainaa.

                                       Bella,Hani,Renu,Kak Nina and Lala.
My college also held some events to cheer up our college life in here.
The first event held in our college is the "Merdeka-Raya Event"...
We enjoy this event to the max because this is our first event to all of us since step into this college.A lot activities carried out in this event such as eco-friendly fashion show,bowling and more.
And the most highlight is I performance in this event.This is a cool experience..

The next event is Deepavali Kolam Competition...awesome event...In fact,our class WIN this event...

Another event is Chinese New Year event which held in this year..a lot activities carried out such as Orange-eating competition,Class-decoration competition,Callygraphy competition,Fashion show and also quiz...And the important news is our class also WIN in this event...!!!

The latest event is Bubur Asyura event.We made our own bubur asyura...


All this event carried out in this college really give a lot of good memories to all of us...:D 

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